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How to Develop an App like Instagram?

  Design an App Like Instagram Instagram has become the need of the hour, and it is a cross-platform app developed on the React Native platform. From being a social media platform that initially allowed its users to socialize with their friends to being a vast platform for business, Instagram has come a long way. With the aid of this article, you will learn about Instagram's history, how to develop a similar app and how it is helpful in business.  History   Well, in its initial form, Instagram was comprehended as Burbn. Kevin Systrom is the face behind this, who was a mere working professional and used to learn coding at night. After brainstorming for several years, he built an HTML5 prototype named Burbn.   The following essential step was to give it to his friends and family. This is one of the fundamental business etiquettes where you test your creation with the help of friends and family. After this, he met several investors at parties and was lucky enough to bag an investment

Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Choose LinkedIn Marketing for Lead Generation- Finest Lead Gen Technique.

Convert your website into a high quality Led Generation Mobile application   If we put it most simply, lead generation is the primary function of the sales funnel. To cultivate interest in a product or a service, attracting and converting the customers is the primary purpose. One of the earliest social media platforms, LinkedIn can also be your go-to medium for the marketing purpose of your business. LinkedIn Marketing is becoming dominant in the social media marketing industry, no wonder why 55 million companies are listed on LinkedIn. Before you market your product or service on LinkedIn, there's one thing that should be cherished foremost: Marketing Strategy. All the social media platforms are distinct and work on different algorithms. There's a gigantic difference between the audience of each of them. People on Instagram or Facebook are rather non-identical with those on LinkedIn. So, a different marketing strategy is designated according to every social media platform to g


Know-How You Can Use Meta For Your Business Success The new world, a virtual world, which is the future, is Metaverse. It is a completely different aspect of modern technology that has left humans awestruck with its functionalities. The development simply shifted from 3 Dimensional movies that we used to watch as kids using smart glasses at multiplexes to the 3D world with different 3D models of humans. The question still remains that what is exactly metaverse and why has the biggest social media platform; Facebook has changed its course of operation along with its name. How will it affect other business ventures? Is it important for the government to consider metaverse as a completely newest aspect of technology? Know More about Meta There are still a lot of questions remaining regarding metaverse and very little knowledge is being provided on the internet. Virtual Reality(VR) and Augmented Reality(AR) have been there in our communities for a long time now but more and more discussion